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I believe we all have great potential to live the life we want, but it is easy to get misled, distracted, and off track with where we want to be in life. The stressors of our fast paced society can really overwhelm us and trigger stress, distorted and negative thoughts that can lead to anxiety, depression, and substance abuse. These issues can often make us want to seek out an immediate quick fix, which can be more destructive than helpful. I know it can be difficult to reach out and ask for help and your motivation to do so will help you move forward and make the changes that you want in life.

As a therapist I have over 23 years of experience helping people and I am a Licensed Professional Counselor and a Certified Addictions Specialist. I have an eclectic therapeutic approach which encompasses modes of Positive Psychology, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Brief Solution Focused therapy, and Dialectical Behavioral therapy.

I appreciate your courage in asking for help and want to let you know that counseling can be a challenge that is well rewarded. During our time together we will be focused on progress and not perfection and every step you take will help you to achieve your goals. Please contact me and we can get started on helping you achieve the life you want.


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